1. SUBSCRIPTION MEMBERSHIP: Watchtower Heroes™ Subscription Service is the absolute 
best way to read and collect comics. We track and pull your titles for you every week. As subscriber at our comic book shop, we assure you that you won't miss a thing. And that's important when you're in the middle of a civil war or half-way through a year-long, weekly series! 

If you’re ready to get started, there’s nothing simpler than getting on subscription with us. We have Subscription Service forms available in our stores (even download or submit it here) with all the details of the program. You can join the club with as few as five monthly titles. All we ask is that you pick up your books at least every other week (though there’s really no reason to wait even that long). If you’re going on vacation or need longer than four weeks to pick up your books, just let us know and we’ll try to work with your schedule.

2. PRE-ORDERS: Order any non-book item from the monthly PREVIEWS catalog and receive 10% off the retail price. PRE-ORDER and save 10% off DC Direct statues and mini-busts, t-shirts, or any other PREVIEWS catalog item.

3. SPECIAL ORDERS: Are you after something special? We’ve got you covered. Just get in contact with us and will discuss the possibility of ordering or locating the item for you. 

4. SIGNED MERCHANDISE: Want a particular item signed by an artist from an upcoming convention and can not attend. We will be your hero and stand in the long lines. Must give advanced notice to ensure availability.

5. CGC SUBMISSIONS: Watchtower Heroes is an authorized CGC Dealer and Member, call or stop into schedule an appointment with us to bring your prized comics to our store and submit issues to CGC through our CGC MEMBERSHIP. 

6. BUYING & TRADING: Watchtower Heroes is always in the market to buy comic books, collections, large and small, new and old related collectibles. We currently do not have a market for trading cards of any kind.  Call to schedule an appointment to bring your items to the store or have us come to see you.

When you order from Watchtower Heroes, you're ordering from a company staffed by fans like you, but with years of retail and customer service experience. Boxes are professionally packed, emails are returned promptly and you can even call us to place an order or ask a question.
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