Welcome to our comic subscription service page. Want to have your comics held for you every time a new issue comes out? Our subscription service is a fantastic way to keep track of what you’re following, and what issues you’ve already received. We also offer a discount on your comic purchases when you’re one of our subscription box members. 

Requirements? There is a minimum 5 title count required to sign up, but we do not require a deposit. It’s a totally free service! All we ask is you come by at least once every 14 days (unless other arrangements are made in advance) to pick up the comics we’ve reserved for you.

Just fill out the form below, and we’ll have you set up within 24 hours.  

Perks? Not only can you be sure not miss out on any comics, you get a great deal. Members receive 10% off of 10-19 titles and 15% off of 20+ titles on the cover price for subscription orders.  WH Subscribers that sign up for e-pay/pre-pay may have items held for 3 months. A weekly and monthly mailing service is also available. Shipping charges will apply for the mailing service.

New Subscribers 

You may use this form to create your pull file, but you MUST COME INTO THE STORE AND VERIFY who you are in order to activate your subscription or pay via credit card for your initial order.


Once your subscription is activated, any books that are part of your list or added in the future will be pulled starting with the next issue that is released. If any new pull list item needs to be ordered Watchtower Heroes will confirm with you of its availability and the date the issue may arrive. Please do not add back issues to your subscription list. We will help you with all back issue requests, questions, etc. separately.

Download Form

Current Pull List Subscribers

New Subscriber

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