With a name inspired by the Justice League of America headquarters, Watchtower Heroes strives to be the headquarters for geek culture fans. We strive to have merchandise and events that are as diverse and unique as the individuals that create and enjoy them. At Watchtower Heroes there is a little something for everyone.

Our corner of Columbiana is a home for long-standing collectors and curious newbies. We relish moments when casual fans become modern enthusiasts. Watchtower Heroes will host signings, book clubs, and events, for people of all ages.
I'm Eric and Watchtower Heroes is the next step in a hobby of over 25 years. That's right, I was a comic book fan before you could see it recreated on the big screen every weekend, or catch a speedster or zombie on every other tv channel. Even then, the excitement of going to the local comic book shop was the highlight of my week. I want everyone to experience that feeling. 

Stop in any time (when we're open, haha) to check out our ever-evolving shelves and displays of pop culture and comic book related merchandise.If you have made it this far, it is safe to say you are a geek. Even if it is just a small part of you, that is okay because you are in good company.

Get Involved

Watchtower Heroes is delighted to support the local community by joining with area businesses, government agencies and nonprofits, and the schools or literacy projects they support. Our passion lies in literacy, leadership, and anti-bullying initiatives.

Watchtower Heroes offers various services. Contact us to learn about book fairs, literacy programs, consignment, and bulk sales. Use our contact form or call us at 330.502.8519.

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